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from a medical point of view

Allergies and skin diseases affecting newborns and young children are on the rise. This is due to the sensitive nature of children's skin which makes it important to scrutinize the quality of their clothing which we refer to as "second skin". Conventional clothing containing pesticides, metals and azo-colorants are not only a potential threat to children's skin but are also found to be damaging to the mucous membrane of the respiratory system. As a result, clothing containing these contaminants can trigger and/or worsen allergies and asthma in children. From a medical point of view it is imperative to manufacture clothing without harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is free of pollutants and thus an ideal material for the production of children's clothing. Optimally, which are free of harmful chemicals and are in accordance with ecological criteria.

Here is a practical example illustrating the importance of clothing for good health:
A three-year old child has been suffering from neurodermatitis since birth. In addition, the child started to develop asthma necessitating the need for treatment with strong medication. Naturopathic therapy provided moderate improvement, but the breakthrough in the skin recovery was achieved by improving the quality of the child's "second skin". The child's original clothing - from underwear to winter coat - were replaced by ecologically produced clothing. A noticeable improvement of the child's prior skin condition was observed within three weeks.

Conclusion from a medical perspective (Dr. Christian W.Engelbert): We don't speak about the delicate nature of our children lightly and when it comes to their skin, only the most well designed clothing made from the earth's natural, organic materials should be considered. In the early years, the immune system learns to deal with the outside elements, including clothing, which are foreign to the young life. Thus, exposure to eco-friendly materials at an early age is imperative to promote healthy growth. Due to the increasing causes of skin diseases and allergies, the use of ecologically standardized clothing is strongly recommended.


Christian W. Engelbert
Specialist for general medicine and naturopathic treatment lecturer at University Milan lecturer at University Europe University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) Berlin