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Organic Cotton Facts

Why organic cotton? Cotton uses less than 3% of the worldwide agricultural soil, however approximately 25% of the insecticides used worldwide are being used in conventional cotton farming.

On average, a regular T-shirt made of conventional cotton is subject to a contamination of around 5 ounces of pesticides.

Ecological cotton farming renounces the use of pesticides which lessens the negative impact on our environment and health and guarantees fair conditions.

Also, the coloring, washing, bleaching and printing, done by the conventional clothing industry, place a burden on the environment; hence, the fabrication of one ton of fabric comes at the expense of 200 tons of toxic water. Often times that water is channeled into neighboring rivers without undergoing any purification process. Whereas, the production of certified, ecological clothing uses exclusively environmentally friendly and water based colors, which do not pose any danger for us or the environment.